December 2, 2007

BRAT rebuilt with new servos

This summer, I had bought 6 new Hitec HS-475HB servos from Lynxmotion,  and I just removed the old servos and rebuilt the BRAT yesterday. Of course, it's a lot better than it was with the HS-422 servos...

Here are some photos:

BRAT robot

BRAT robot

BRAT robot

BRAT robot

BRAT robot

And videos (in the second one, the BASIC Atom is sending data to the SSC-32, I'm just using the code generated by the Sequencer program):

As soon as I have time, I'll try to improve the waking sequence, add some other sequences (turn, kick), add some sensors, and make a bit more autonomous.

and sorry for the low quality of photos and videos...


Eric said...

very nice robot and beautiful robotics blog!

Can you please send me the code you used for that walk on your BRAT robot ?

Keep up the great work!

Thank You Very Much,

Unknown said...

Hey Eric!

I used the SSC-32 sequencer to generate the code for my BRAT. It's more than likely that the robot won't behave very well if I give you my code since it all depends on how it's calibrated...

What could work better is to give you the Sequencer code, which is more standard since it abstracts all the calibration, but you need the SSC-32 sequencer software to generate the right code (if you don't have it I suggest getting it. It's a great tool).
The files I used for the sequencer are also available for download in the BRAT guides. You can find the appropriate guide for your BRAT here (I have the old SSC-32 and the old ABB, so I used these instructions - step 14 has the download link to the sequences)

I'll send you my code by email, but be aware that he will walk weirdly :P

Good luck with your BRAT projects!

agmlego said...

Love the site and the projects. How did you control the servos? I am looking to run a four-servo NERF-gun turret from a BASIC Stamp board I picked up a while ago, and there seems to be a dearth of information on running servos from the BASIC Stamp online. The servos are the Hitec HS-475HB ones, like yours. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey Andrew,

I would suggest you to read the Parallax Stamps in class books, which are very well done and cover servo control with the basic stamp in particular.

You can have a look at the sections about servos on What's a microcontroller and the boe-bot book, for instance

(You can find all the series here)

hope this helps!